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Learn 10 strategies to get better results with people

executive coaching

create results with
your leadership

Let’s face it.
It can be frustrating leading other people.
It's hard to be effective when you're not getting
the results you need from people; or when people
you rely on are difficult; or when your own boss
doesn't give you what you need.

To get results with people, you need to make the kind of impact that leads people to produce.  However, it's not always easy to understand your own impact on others, or how to improve it for better results.

By raising your awareness of your own leadership impact on people, you can be more intentional about producing the impact you want... the impact that leads people to respond the way you want.

The power of my executive coaching is discovering where you excel as a leader, and where you may be falling short, and then mapping a path forward.

Executive coaching with me is a journey of self-discovery and focused learning, designed to grow you as a leader and as a person.

How This Works:

One-on-one coaching with me is a 6-month, 3-phased process:
Discovery, Development, and Deciding What’s Next.

1. Discovery

Let’s explore where you are currently with your career, what’s going well... and what’s not. We start by interviewing your key stakeholders (boss, direct reports, peers, and others as needed), creating a confidential and anonymous report for the two of us to debrief. Here, we discover your primary development area(s), which may be as simple as 2-3 bullet points describing your targeted areas for leadership growth, or it could be a more sophisticated individual development plan, depending on your own preferences and the expectations of your organization.

2. Development

With your development areas as our guide, we meet for coaching sessions roughly every 2 weeks, sometimes weekly, and never less than once per month. Our focused (sometimes intense!) dialogue can be on any topic you are currently dealing with, ideally related to one of your development areas, but not always. This is where the magic happens, where we dig into the topics most relevant to you, deepening your own insight into yourself, your patterns, your strengths, and your weaknesses. We’ll build on your insight, either putting into practice something that you’ve learned, by taking action, or actively reflecting on something specific to the coaching session.

3. Deciding What’s Next

We create our own assessment of how you’ve grown and made progress against your development areas. We engage your key stakeholders again at this point, either informally, or through a survey, to see how their perceptions of you have changed. Based on those inputs, we decide whether to complete the coaching engagement or extend it to further enhance your transformation as the leader you long to be.



Mike is an executive coach who sees opportunities that others look past, all with the intention of increasing the value and contribution of those he coaches.

Pat Murtha

Chief Operating Officer Pizza Hut, Inc.

Pat Murtha Chief Operating Officer Pizza Hut, Inc.

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