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Learn 10 strategies to get better results with people

tap into the potential

you already have

Organizations are constantly seeking that competitive advantage to help them get the results they want. 

You know the source of that advantage lies in your people, but tapping into that potential is not always easy.


The reality is, you can’t simply make it happen, but you can support your people in their own leadership growth, and then you can create the conditions that will help them realize their potential.

Speaking Topics

Liberating the Leader Within You

Leaders are neither born nor made; they are liberated from within. Being a leader is a natural state, not something bestowed upon you from the outside. That means everyone is a leader. Unfortunately, life piles on a lot of baggage that gets in the way of our natural way of leading. The result is that we get frustrated by circumstances and feel stuck in the status quo. In corporate life, that can mean feelings of disillusionment, disconnection, and disengagement. Fortunately, there is a better way. In this talk, we’ll be discussing how liberating the leader within you comprises three simple steps.

Liberating the Massive Untapped Potential of Your Organization

You know your organization is capable of better results, but it feels like pushing a boulder uphill to get people motivated enough to get there. So stop pushing, and get out of the way. Tapping into the potential of your people is not so much an exercise in doing something to motivate them as it is in ceasing to do what de-motivates them. Motivation comes from within people and organizational life can be ruthlessly effective at stifling it. While it’s not always easy for organizations to make this shift, it is a simple approach. This speech will cover three ways your organization can get out of the way and liberate the massive potential within your people.

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